Headache And Fever In Children

Headache And Fever In Children

Symptoms, Causes And What To Do

Headache and Fever in children is very common amongst kids all over the world as they grow up. All children will experience a headache and/or fever throughout their younger and older years, in most cases more than once.

The Main Causes Of Headache And Fever In Children

As fever is common in children, headaches are not always present when a child is suffering from a high or low grade fever. However, it does happen sometimes and the general main causes of headaches as a symptom along with fever in children can be influenza, a simple cold or something a little more such as upper respiratory infections.

The Main Symptoms Of Fever In Children

A headache isn’t just the only symptom that can be present during fever in children. Children suffering from a fever and headache may also experience vomiting and nausea, restlessness and trouble sleeping, joint and body aches and in a lot of cases a loss of appetite.

What To Do With Headache And Fever In Children?

As already mentioned fever in children is common amongst all children as they grow older. The same goes for headaches with fever too, it is quite common that they can appear as a symptom.

The first thing you should do if you are worried about your child is contact your doctor. You obviously want to be safe, and fevers can be serious too. So, a visit, or call to your doctor is the first thing to do. Your doctor will then be able to examine your child for any other signs and make a diagnosis of how severe the fever is.

Headache And Fever In ChildrenTreating Headache And Fever In Children

Treating headaches and fever in a child is quite straightforward. Firstly, you need to monitor and control your child’s temperature. You can do this with a thermometer.

Children’s painkillers and antibiotics will also help to keep a headache at bay, while also reducing the temperature and fever.

Dehydration can be a huge factor when it comes to fever in children, so be sure to make sure your child is kept hydrated with lots of clear fluids.

While you look after your child and take care of the above points, make sure they receive plenty of rest, and if you feel there condition worsens or doesn’t improve after a day or two, it is important you revisit your doctor as soon as possible.

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